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The easiest way to streamline any social selling or networking process

❤️ by hundreds of network and social marketers across the world

Solutions for every step of your journey:

Never worry about time or stress over getting the daily actions done again!


Imagine if you could . . .

  • Build your business without sacrificing more precious time in your personal life.

  • Automatically do the repeating parts of your daily actions that drain your energy.

  • Reach more people each day and build your list of dream customers on autopilot.

  • Set your phone down without fear you might miss a potential sale or comment.

  • Have "Done For You" Content every single month.

  • Have all the tools you need in one system no matter how much you grow.

  • Track every customer, team member, and prospect and stay connected to them.

  • Had 24/7 support to help you get it done.

Everything you need to launch, scale and automate your business

This is your one-stop solution for exponential growth in social marketing and digital sales.

Introducing the Ultimate Automation and AI Toolkit for the social marketers! Are you ready to streamline your process and dominate social, digital, and network marketing? We have compiled every tool needed to launch, scale, and manage your network and social marketing business into one unbeatable package. We've specifically tailored our system the social marketers like you. From content creation to automatic messaging and copywriting, we give you the tools you need no matter where you are in your journey.

This is for you if you need:


Never lose a contact or miss a follow up again!

Everything you need to manage your growing list and stay connected to the people you serve.

Follow Up

Help new clients get started, keep you team up to date, and build relationships with potential clients . . . Automatically!

Social Media

Everything from content creation to monitoring and nurturing your posts. You'll be able to reply to comments on IG and your FB profile 24/7!

List Building

Smart and customizable forms, survey, and funnels to build your customer list.

Completely integrated so you never miss anyone.

Content Creation

Elevate your marketing strategy with unlimited AI-prompts and generations!

Contacts & Lists

Handle every aspect of your list from custom fields, sorting, smart listing and more!

Funnels Sites More

Build unlimited funnels and sites to promote, share, and sell your programs, products or services

Forms & Surveys

Say "Goodbye" to Google Forms or Jot form and hello to custom forms and surveys that are integrated into one system!

Courses & Communities

Create your own community and offer unlimited courses to anyone. Bye-Bye Kajabi!

Payments, Products & Stores

Integrate with services like PayPal, Stripe and more to sell any product you'd like. NO ADDED FEES!

Two-Way Messaging

Send emails, sms, and Social DM's within one system! Never miss a message again*!

Automations & Workflows

Let your business work while you sleep (or play) so when people sign up, or want to connect, you're covered!

Social Media Management

Use our Social Planner to post to IG, Tik-Tok, Linked in and your Facebook Business Page!

Social Media Automation

No need for ManyChat when you can setup your IG automations directly inside of Social Connector!

Engagement Tools

Use our bonus tools to engage in platforms like Facebook and respond to comments, posts, and more!

Calendars & Appointments

Cancel that Calendly account because you'll be able to integrate calendars in our all-in-one system!

Email Marketing

Create custom email campaigns and templates to send your newsletters, updates, and nurture campaigns with ease.

Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing is easy. You can send your targeted messages or add them in your automations!

Plus we integrate with Project Broadcast!

Done For You Content and More

Social Connector Direct gives you new content like emails, workflows, and automations every month. No extra charge! Never run out of ways to connect.

24/7 Live Support

Our live pro team is available 24 hours a day to assist you. And if you need we offer zoom support at no addtional fee. Never tackle tech alone!

PLUS MULTIPLE InCluded bonuses!

We've done the math and you replace 10-15 tools and save more than $500 every month with Social Connector!

no brainer offer for ANY Social Marketer

Empowered Marketing at Every stage!

Social Connector is designed to serve you at every stage of the journey. We've broken down the most basic to advanced needs of any social marketer or networker and have built our bundles to match your needs.

Solo-preneurs will love the all-in-one platform that meets your needs without having 10-15 subscriptions.

Team leaders will love the ability to scale and offer resources to their business partners without the price scaling with them!

Plans start as low as $27 and are still packed with more than 70 tools at our most basic level. And we grow with you!

  • More than 60 A.I. tools engineered to provide you with perfect output based on your needs.

  • Bonuses at every subscription level

  • Unmatched Support and Training!

  • This is the solution you'll need for life!


Our Automation and AI tools are incredibly user-friendly. Plus we provide ongoing support, access to our entire training library and live calls every week! Simply follow our steps and let the tools go to work! AI-generated content and paste it directly into your favorite marketing software. From complete social marketing automation* to email marketing platforms, our content and automations seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and any sales process. Literally just copy, paste the content or set up and turn on the automations!

*For those who need a bit more, we offer upgraded complete solutions. Get custom integrations that sync perfectly with your team or organizations process. We've got solutions for every, so you can do more of what you need to make an impact in less time and with less stress and money (you can't beat our prices!)

Replace more than 15 tools and save

$400 - $500 a month!

Social Connector's suite of tools can replace more than 15 different services you are using or likely need! Check out our Complete breakdown and decide if our Platinum Subscription is right for you!

Here's what's in the platinum bundle

What's Included?

Our bundles are perfect for you at every stage of your business growth. All plans include unlimited AI content creation, forms, and list building tools!

Content Genius - Unlimited!

Exclusive to Social Connector!

60+ customized and optimized prompts for your content needs. We use the most up to date GPTs to create perfect content so you don't have to discover the right prompt or pay for extra tools (GPT plus) that you don't need! Plus you get unlimited content creations and lifetime updates. Access to every Content Genius tool we add for life!

Social Connector Direct

Exclusive to Social Connector!

Done for you content, workflows, ideas, and more! Every month we add new messaging ideas, email flows, funnels, sites, automations and more to your account. This includes PLR products, Canva templates and more! This is included in your platinum subscription at no extra cost!

24 / 7 Live Support & Training Calls

Exclusive to Social Connector!

Technology is overwhelming for many of us. But our team can help!

We've offer 24/7 live support with real experts on our platform. Plus we offer live calls two times every week and ongoing training in our community!

Unlimited Contacts

Because you have to have a place to track your potential and actual customers!

Build your list of prospects, customers, and team members. Track everything from phone, email, and basic contact info to customized fields just for your needs!

Plus messaging access for sending emails and text messages. We even integrate with Project Broadcast!

Contact Pipelines

Like Trello for your contacts. Keep track of potential customers, warm leads, hot leads, new customers and business partners. Drag and drop, update details, and more!

Funnels / Sites / Forms and More!

Everything you need to share info and add to your list! From our easy to use and share integrated forms and surveys (say goodbye to Google and Jotform) to our complete funnel and website builder, you can create whatever you imagine! (psst...this site was built with Social Connector)

Two Way Messaging & Email Marketing

You need to connect and we want you to do it simply.

On one platform you can connect via email, sms, IG, and more!*

You'll have a complete drag and drop email builder with ready to go templates!

Have an account with Project Broadcast? Great! We integrate completely which is the perfect solution!

Courses & Communities

Want to sell a course OR train your team? Our courses and communities rival our competitors like Kajabi or Skool and you'll save hundreds because it's all included!

Create as many courses as you'd like. Brand them with your look and feel. Give them away for free or sell them!

Invite your community to interact with each other in a place you own outside of the social media restrictive environments!

Marketing and Automations

You need a business that works while you sleep (or play).

No more downloading lists from google or trying to manually reply to every IG comment!

Our system does this for you. Unlimited workflows for everything from emailing to replying it IG comments or messages and onboarding your new customers and team members.

There is so much more!

You might need to take a breath because that's only the beginning. Social Connector was designed to do everything you need right now and then, as you grow, take care of what you'll need later! That's why we've created 3 different levels based on your needs.


Over $130 bonuses every month!

You're already getting access to key needs in your business. But these extra bonuses take it over the tope to give you the edge you need! These two bonuses alone cover the cost of your Basic Bundle!


Automatic Birthday Messenger

This is simple but powerful tool by Genius has been sold on its own for $15-$30/month and it's included as a free bonus with The Social Connector Basics Bundle! Here's a taste of what you'll be able to do!

  • Automatically posts unique and personalized content on your friend's profiles the day of their birthday!

  • Send a birthday message (unique and custom) before, on, or after a friend's birthday!

  • Use custom images for every post or birthday message!


Automatic Post Engager

Another simple but powerful tool by Genius is Genius Replies. This easy to use tool has helped some of our clients grow their list by 100s simply by automatically reacting to posts in their feed!

  • Evaluate posts to determine the best response (like, heart, etc)

  • Comment on posts based on the reaction with messages you choose (optional but included)

  • Works in your feed, pages, and groups!

  • Helps you prime the algorithms for maximum enagement!


pro & platinum exclusive

ELMessenger Pro by Cloudkii

Need a way to automatically monitor those important posts on Facebook and reply to comments? Would it be nice to send a message when someone comments on your personal profile AND keep track of who your commenters were? or how about adding friends automatically from groups or posts (your or others!)

Our 3rd bonus is sold on it's own by Cloudkii for $67/month but we give it to our pro and platinum subscribers as a part of your subscription!

  • Monitor any post on Facebook for comments and reply automatically using the responses you choose.

  • Automatically send friend requests to people who are engaging with your content or in groups you're building relationships in.

  • Organize and label anyone in your messages

  • Send Broadcast messages out to entire lists with one click!


platinum exclusive

GroupKii Pro by Cloudkii

Running a Facebook group and need a way to capture the info when people join? Want to send a message directly to new group members? Wouldn't it be nice to automatically add people to your list when they join your Facebook group?

All this is possible with groupkii by cloudkii!

Normally $27/month from Cloudkii but included with our Platinum subscription!


platinum exclusive

Let Story Drive

Posting stories consistently to Facebook? Then you'll love this bonus from Genius tools! Now you'll be able to respond to those who vote on your poll based on their vote! You'll also be able to message anyone who reacts to your stories. Not only that but you'll get detailed analytics about who your most engaged viewers are, which stories are working best and more!

Normally $27/month but included with our Platinum subscription!

Frequently Ask Questions

Is it Truly Unlimited?

Yes! You get unlimited content generations, unlimited forms, pipelines, and unlimited access to your bonus tools!

For basics users, there is a limit to 50 contacts within the system and 1 user. For more features and contacts, upgrade to our Pro and Platinum bundles.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at anytime?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your account within the system at anytime. When you do, you'll receive access to more features and bonuses! If you need to downgrade just let us know at [email protected] and we'll make it happen!

Is there a subscription commitment?

Absolutely not! Needs change (which is why we built Social Connector to grow with you) and if you decide none of our tools are a fit for your needs, just let us know at [email protected] and we'll cancel your subscription without pressuring you to stay.

Is it hard to use?

This is a great and important question. All technology has a learning curve. But once you're up and running Social Connector is built to run with you!

This is why we provide ongoing training, complete step by step courses, our Social Connector Academy, and a community to help support you. By providing these options plus our 24/7 live support we believe we have you covered no matter your learning style.

Don't want to deal with the setup? Within our community you'll find trusted experts who will get you up and running and even manage your system for you!

Are there additional costs?

Social Connector offers a platform with email and sms messaging capabiliites. These services have use based fees associated with them. While some platforms charge more for subscriptions based on contact size to cover their costs, Social Connector aims to keep its costs reasonable for all users. In order to do that, platinum subscribers are provided a credit to cover the cost for approximately 5,000 email sends each month. After that, the costs of additional emails are as follows:

$0.001 cent per email and $0.0025 for email verification. If you have a professional email (highly recommended with new gmail/yahoo regulations) you may choose to turn off verification at your own risk.

For text messaging we recommend Project Broadcast. We are fully integrated wth Project Broadcast and their pricing structure is ideal. You may use your number within Social Connector for the most powerful combination of tools. Cost are as low as $6.00/month which is the most reasonable texting offer available in the United States/Canada.

For a complete detail of these and other terms see https://www.socialconnector.ai/terms

How do the bonuses work?

As a general policy we don't sell the bonus items as individual tools (message us if you'd like to purchase just one of the bonus tools) but instead, we pay licensing fees to all for a limited number of users to have access to these tools.

When we do not have additional licenses for the bonuses, we remove them from the list above. Removal of bonuses will not change the price of Social connector Subscriptions.

We provided training and basic support for these tools, however, each provider or partner business has their own support ticket system and users are directed to the providers for troubleshooting.

Our chat support team is not trained on bonus tools and has limited knowledge.

Can I recommend my friends and Teammates?

Absolutely! We do offer a rewards program for those on our pro and platinum subscriptions. This rewards program offers 20% -40% rewards for subscription referrals!

Trial and Refund Policy

The 14-day trial will give you complete access to Social connector based on the level subscription you choose. Your card will be verified and a small hold will be placed on the card. This hold will be removed after a short time and is not a charge. This hold allows us to ensure there is no fraudulent use of your information or fake account creation.

If you message [email protected] at least 24 hours before your trial is over with a request to cancel, we will approve your request without pressure or fuss.

Because our services are digital and you are given access to features during your trial or subscription that are not recoupable by Social Connector, we do not offer refunds for any services or subscriptions. Any cancelation that takes place during your subscription term will be applied prior to the next billing cycle and your account will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle.

more information on our terms can be found at https://www.socialconnector.ai/terms

Is this just GHL?

We love and are proud to partner with GHL for our platinum level subscription for the basics of our platform. Our basics and pro level subscriptions are a bundle of tools. However, our offerings are far greater than what you'll find with a GHL direct subscription.

✓ Social Connector Direct - DFY content every month

✓ Content Genius AI Tools

✓ 24/7 Chat Support with Zoom options

✓ Live weekly trainings

✓ 5,000 emails included every month

✓ The Social Connector Community

✓ Bonus Tools

You'll find Social Connector's platinum bundle is unmatched value and support!

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