Choose a simple solution for your networking business

Choose a simple solution for your networking business

Which are you?

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10x your impact

in a fraction of the time

10x your impact

in a fraction of the time

Everything your business needs

to scale to new heights

Solve all of your digital marketing problems with our all in one solution.

We meet you where you are on the journey.

We understand that every person is on a different leg of the uphill climb to the top. There's not a one size fits all approach. Your journey is unique. Your needs are specific because you are. That's why Social Connector has different plans that grow with you on the climb! We meet you where you are and travel with you.

Start anywhere - scale to the top!

Looking up at the destination from the start can be intimidating. So can looking back to the start when you're half way up the hill but tired. Our community was designed for you whether you are just starting out or have been building for several years. We celebrate new starts and honor those who've been to the top. No matter where you find yourself, we have a tool and plan in place that can help you reach the next phase.

Tools and training for each phase.

Your needs change as you grow and build. This means your tools have to change, grow, and evolve with you. We get it. Knowing what you need and when to build a successful business is overwhelming. We keep it simple. We will connect you to the right tool for the right moment. No extras and no waste to weigh you down or hold you back. Your success is found in one step and one tool at a time.

Relationship first marketing.

Jeremy and Lindsey Nicks have been in network marketing for more than 12 years. Together they have built two, seven figure revenue generating organizations. Jeremy has used his expertise and experience to create systems that allowed their businesses to run smoothly at a large scale without the need for multiple assistants or high cost tools. After retiring from a career in public service as a hostage negotiator, Jeremy is determined to help others make their businesses work for them. His goal is to make automation and technology more personal and easy for everyone.

People first.

In the Social Connector community we are dedicated to helping people reach people through relationship first. This means our tools and training focus on building authentic connection even when using the best technology in the business.

Tech never beats human interaction. We show you how to use technology to build better, more authentic connections.

Where you are, we have been.

What sets Social Connector apart from the rest is our understanding of business growth at every stage. Jeremy has failed at multiple entrepreneurial attempts, using each experience to learn and grow. He and Lindsey have also seen large-scale success understanding what it looks like from the top of the mountain. He is dedicated to using learnings from to assist you on yours, helping you learn and grow as you go.

Built in support

Social Connector provides around-the-clock live chat support for our platinum members so you have the best experience. We offer complete ongoing training at every level increase your confidence, efficiency, and effectiveness. Live chat can be moved to one-one-one zoom as needed! If you have a question, we have an answer.

One-to-one onboarding.

Want to get up and running quickly? We have exclusive One to One onboarding options for our platinum members. Have your own personalized expert get you set up and running in two sessions. Use our built in forms to customize pre-done system sites, workflows, and settings.

Social Connector Academy.

Step by step training to help you get moving quickly and easily. Up to date announcements, easy to follow videos, and monthly trainings sent directly to you. The academy is available to all Social Connectors!

Community and trainings.

Our community is active with hundreds of members. We offer weekly live trainings, workshops, and office hours so you are connected no matter what level. We want you to succeed and are committed to helping you get the most out of Social Connector.

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All-in-one web analytics.

Easy and friendly analytics. Track your users journey, replay sessions, collect heatmaps & more.

Includes analytics, tracks visitor behavior, real time data, protected privacy, session recording and heat maps!

Let us help you do more and go further with less.

Discover What Social Connector Can Do For You & Your Business.

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